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Boston Design Spotlight: Susan Shulman Interiors

Our November Boston Design spotlight goes to Susan Shulman of Susan Shulman Interiors. Susan has been helping clients across Boston for over 25+ years. Her work has been featured in The Boston Design Guide, New England Home Magazine, Design Boston, the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and many other publications. As an oil painter, Susan has the ability to mix unexpected color combinations for her interior design work directly from her experience in the artist’s studio. Today, we are lucky to have Susan answering the top 3 design questions we hear from our clients who have just rented or bought in the city:

Many of our clients come to us to find the perfect rental. What is the best way for renters to make a space their own without having to change the footprint of the home?

The best way for a renter to make a space their own is to add meaningful art, fresh flowers and something from their past. This could be a special vase, a book they’ve loved or a special gift from a friend or family member. Playing music in the background also creates a context that brings comfort and familiarity.

Beyond white paint and lamps, what are your suggestions to lighten up a dark space?

To lighten up a dark space, I’d hang a mirror or two in key places. Try hanging one opposite a window, preferably with a view or opposite a light fixture so the light bounces off as a reflection.  Light colored furnishings such as carpet and fabrics will also seemingly reflect light. Dark colors do the opposite by absorbing light. This will make a dark room appear even darker. Lighting corners is also effective rather than using just task lighting.

Many of the properties we have sold in the last year are open concept homes. How do you help your clients created defined livings spaces (ie kitchen, living, and dining areas) in an open concept home?

This last question is one that I am currently working on to separate an open space floor plan for a house on the Atlantic.  In order to define three spaces I am using a different carpet in each space. The living room will have a rectangular carpet that sits under the sofa, chairs and coffee table.  Helping to define the center of the room is a wall height fireplace and bookshelf arrangement. This further sets it off from the other two areas. Here we are positioning four of the same chairs in a circular arrangement with a round table in the center. A coordinated rug will anchor this seating arrangement. The third space is the dining room, which will have a different complimentary carpet to define this area. All of the furnishings are open to its neighboring groups making this ideal for large gatherings of family and friends. 

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